From one angle, Bob Chinn’s The Love Slaves (1976) is a vehicle for John Leslie as he investigates the dark and shadowy criminal underworld which is using women to do its murderous bidding. From another, it’s an adult film in which the male lead gets laid within the first five minutes and then, curiously, never […]

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One of the true joys of vintage hardcore is that the films are generally better time capsules than most any piece of entertainment from the period save and except daytime talk and game shows. A lot of times, the films made within the adult industry were written, produced, and released within mere weeks meaning that […]

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After Russ Meyer packed it in with Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens, he dabbled in projects here and there, utilizing actress and then-girlfriend Francesca “Kitten” Natividad in Mondo Topless Too, some of the footage of which turned up in 2002’s Pandora Peaks (though, sadly, none of it including Natividad). But despite their lifelong admiration […]

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In 1981, a motion picture was released in which a woman is being utilized by a sleazy photographer with dark contacts in the aid of a shadowy political plot meant to clear the road for further malfeasance and corruption. While this sounds like I’m describing Brian De Palma’s Blow Out, I’m actually talking about Bob […]

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The problem with most New Year’s Eve movies is that they’re going to become much more bittersweet as the world changes and our connectivity is more virtual than it is real. These days, loading into the middle of the city on New Year’s Eve with a bunch of inebriated strangers just doesn’t have the same […]

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