HealtH (1980)

When you begin to consider the high-level talent that went into the formula that produced Robert Altman’s HealtH, it’s difficult to recall another movie in film history that was, and continues to be, treated as poorly. Coming directly after Altman’s twin failures of 1979, Quintet and A Perfect Couple, its production was relatively quick and on-the-fly; an […]

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Coming off the universally reviled and glum Quintet, Robert Altman began to move back toward the warmth of human relationships with A Perfect Couple, a lighthearted romantic-comedy that tracks a mismatched couple through a series of sweet-natured misadventures as they connect, decouple, and reconnect. Put against Paul Newman’s fight for survival in a world not […]

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A WEDDING (1978)

Robert Altman understands that weddings are semi-goofy affairs where, each year, a whole lot of money is dropped on lavish, nerve-wracking, anxiety-inducing ceremonies, (and even more unthinkably gaudy receptions), all in the service of unions that have less than a 50% chance of succeeding. He’s also keen on the notion that all weddings are secret […]

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