Michael and Roberta Findlay’s Take Me Naked (1966) opens on the sight of a pair of bare breasts while some dialogue regarding the mysteries of sexual origin is spoken. The moment acts as if it’s going to attempt to solve the infinite mystery of physical pleasure but there is something rather acrid in this thought […]

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“I learned on my wedding night that love was really a trap that could make you hate. A hate that made you want to kill your husband.” — Actual dialogue from The Sin Syndicate (that was probably jotted down by Michael Findlay while Roberta was talking in her sleep) The cinematic path of Roberta Findlay […]

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The “roughie” was a subgenre of sexploitation that mixed the kind of soft-focus, waist-up nudity with a hard and dangerous edge of violence of some sort. Invented (accidentally, probably) in 1963 by Herschell Gordon Lewis with Scum of the Earth, the roughie gave audiences of a certain stripe the ability to indulge in a motion […]

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